Eye Lash Accelerator

Eye Secrets Eye Lash Accelerator

Eye lash growth stimulator is a special product developed by Eye Secrets which is proven to double eyelashes in just 21 days!

Fuller and longer eyelashes enhance beauty of our eyes and make them more attractive and sexy. They make us look even fresh and vibrant.

Eye Secrets lash accelerator is a great product which can change your looks in a few weeks. It can provide you with fuller, thicker, healthier looking lashes with a once a day application. If you are suffering from thin, sparse, almost invisible eyelashes then this is one product that can definitely benefit you.

This eyelash accelerator is ophthalmologist-tested and made of very safe, nourishing ingredients that when used frequently can give a 72% improvement in the appearance of eyelashes within just 21 days. Further results were seen after 42 days, where the thickness, length, visibility and health of the lashes were improved by 89%. Eye Secrets eyelash accelerator’s clear formulation make it ideal for use even by men who are also unhappy with the appearance of their lashes; it is also safe for use with eyelash extensions.

Clinically tested and proven formulation

As per Eye Secrets official website, clinical studies showed a 72% improvement in the appearance of eyelashes within 21 days.

However after 42 days overall results of the appearance of their eyelashes including fullness, length, visibility, thickness and how lush and healthy improved by 89%.

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How to use Eye lash Accelerator?

Apply it once every day preferably in the night.

It even works on eyebrows!

If you have very thin eyebrows, you can apply lash accelerator on even eyebrows.

Side Effects

Not likely to cause any side effects.

How much it costs?

Eye Secrets eyelash accelerator will provide permanent results although for those wanting to maintain their new lashes, you can continue use for as long as you like. 9 months supply costs just £49.99. With combo offer, it is FREE!.

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