Lifestyle and Home Remedies for Hair Loss

There are types of hair loss that are preventable. To manage prevention, first line of action is to subsist on a nutritious diet and take supplements that apply to healthy hair, skin and nails. A nutritionally balanced diet will maintain a healthy scalp which will undoubtedly turn out healthy hair, no matter if it is straight, wavy or curly.

Another way of preventing unnecessary hair loss is to avoid tight hair styles. The strain on the hair roots by tight hair styles will eventually cause the roots to weaken and then cause hair to fall, either in small amounts or eventually cause a bald patch to appear on your scalp, centered on the area which has the most tension.

Watch yourself. Unconscious pulling, excessive scratching, twisting, rubbing of your hair will eventually bring about baldness. There is a popular condition called Trichotillomania where the hair is automatically or consciously pulled, one by one. It can be challenging to treat and most people don’t really know where to start when dealing with the habit. A lot of people suffer from this condition and it is definitely a habit that is very difficult to get rid of, somewhat like smoking. It does take a lot of willpower to overcome the urge to pick out hair – most of the time, unconsciously. Trichotillomania runs in families. It is related to how the brain’s chemistry is regulated.

In extreme cases, a therapist may be sought out. The OCD -like conditions may be corrected by the right therapist. The therapist can work out a plan to successfully get over the habit and eventually get rid of the condition. It is a good idea though to start therapy while still young because like the saying goes – “you can’t teach old dog new tricks”. Visit for more tips on preventing hair loss.

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