Under Eye Tightener

Eye Secrets Under Eye Tightener

Eye Secrets under eye tightener is a special lotion that tightens skin under your eyes and makes those wrinkles invisible within 60 seconds. It also reduces puffiness and dark under eye shadows.

Under Eye Tightener has double edged benefits!!

  • It hides wrinkles, puffiness and dark bags instantly in a minute.
  • It erases those fine lines just like an effective eye lift cream when used regularly.

It is a perfect alternative to any effective eye lift cream with added instant results.


One of the main ingredients is not disclosed. The secret ingredient is said to be their proprietary formula that is capable of keeping your under eye skin tight for more than 10  hours!

Though the main ingredient responsible for instant results is not disclosed, other ingredients Collagen, Aloe and Vitamin B are proven wrinkle reducers when applied consistently over a period of time.

So, with Eye Secrets Under Eye Tightener you can expect instant under eye tightening as well as reduction in wrinkles if used on a regular basis.

Clinically Proven Formulation

Under Eye Tightening formulation from Eye secrets is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 92% in just one minute!

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Clinical trials carried out revealed that in a 100 women, 76% of the women’s wrinkles appeared reduced and their wrinkles disappeared in under one minute.

Can Eye Secrets Eye Tightener be used with makeup?

Yes, it can be used with make up as it is designed to work under makeup, or by itself.

How much it costs?

One month’s supply costs £49.99 when bought separately.

Side Effects

Not likely to cause any harmful side effects.

Women with dry skin may get a white residue on skin after using the product if applied more. In that case simply dab that area with any type of regular lotion or moisturizer and next time apply less.

The strips can be applied whenever you desire, either on a daily basis or just for a special occasion. They will not slip or fall off if applied following the directions and you can wear cosmetics as you usually would. The strips are designed to be inconspicuous and see through so they are not normally detectable to other people, so you can have the look of an eye lift without going under the knife! Despite the heavy duty adhesion of the strips, they are very easily removed at the end of the day.

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